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Fall 2021 2nd 8 Weeks Jewish Studies Undergraduate Courses

Important notes: JSTU-J 203, JSTU-J 204, JSTU-J 303, JSTU-J 304, and JSTU-J 306 each may be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 9 credit hours. Graduate courses are in italics. See Fall 2021 Course Resources box just below and to the right to learn what Gen Ed, College, and JS requirements these courses fulfill. For all Hebrew students, it is strongly recommended that once students start the study of the language, they continue and complete the language sequence with no breaks, to ensure a high level of skill development, performance and grades. Graduate level courses can be found here. Course listings are subject to change. Please see the Schedule of Classes on the Registrar's website for the most up-to-date information.

Please note that the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin is the official source for College course information (CASE, course descriptions), degree requirements, programs of study, policies and procedures.

Israeli Film and Fiction (3 cr)
Stephen Katz
JSTU-C 260 (47068)
TR 3:15-5:45
2nd 8 week course

VT: Prostitutes, Homemakers, CEOs: Israel, Gender, and Difference (3 cr)
Aziza Khazzoom
JSTU-J 204 Social and Historical Topics in Jewish Studies (47096)
TR 9:25-11:55 (GA 0013)
2nd 8 week course

VT: Six Hundred Years of Yiddish language and culture can't wait to meet you! (3 cr)
Dov-Ber Kerler
GER-E 351 Topics in Yiddish Literature (40715) / CMLT-C 377 (20183) / GER-Y 505 (40717)
TR 4:55-7:10 (TBH)
2nd 8 week course