Deepen your expertise in Jewish Studies

The Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program (Borns JSP) at Indiana University offers a Master of Arts degree in Jewish Studies. We also offer a Ph.D. minors in Jewish Studies and in Yiddish to students enrolled in Indiana University Bloomington doctoral programs.

The Borns Jewish Studies Program is an interdepartmental program. Our faculty are housed in various departments, including Comparative Literature, English, Germanic Studies, History, Musicology, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, Political Science, and Religious Studies, where students pursue master’s or doctoral degrees.

The Borns JSP provides numerous opportunities for graduate students working in different disciplines to interact and learn from each other through the Jewish Studies Faculty-Graduate Student Workshop series and other programs. We also provide extensive fellowship opportunities and other awards for students working in Jewish Studies.

Interested in applying to IU's Borns Jewish Studies Program?